What People Are Saying…

Should you work with Equity Solutions? Sometimes it helps to hear from others who have gone before. We are happy to connect you with references as well - just let us know.

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Cassandra Holloway, Director Brattleboro Area Prevention Coalition, Consulting on Active Parenting Materials, Summer 2018

“The consultation of Equity Solutions has been much like having training wheels. We are able to run materials such as surveys, campaigns, and resources we have created by their team for feedback and suggestions. The benefits are multi-layered. It ensures we are doing our due diligence to connect and engage with everyone we are serving. It also shows us our strengths and growth in applying an equity lens in the work we do as well as the areas we still need to attend to. It is a learning process and with time of being continuously mindful in our practice with their support, we can take off the training wheels and feel confident in our abilities.”


Sara Jane Muratori, Marlboro College, Spring 2018.

“Equity Solutions facilitated a training with staff and faculty at Marlboro College to address racial inequity at the college. The workshop was dynamic and enriching. It was one of the most widely attended and enthusiastically participatory events for Marlboro employees. It generated many engrossing conversations and some direct actions with commitments to further action.

They facilitated another training with student leaders on addressing oppression and privilege on campus. The training was well-received by students and challenged them in constructive ways. Participants left with greater understanding of their social locations in terms of power and privilege, and how they could better navigate institutional and interpersonal systems to both advocate for themselves and support their peers, and to step back when needed. I’m excited to find opportunities to bring Equity Solutions to my new job position at Landmark College.”


Vera Struck - Sustainability Educator, Speaker, Sustainable Tiny House Designer/Builder/Dweller of the silverbullettinyhouse.com, Author of Living the Sustainable Tiny Life and Living the Sustainable Tiny Life Workbook. Founder of terrabluteams.org

“As a seasoned retired corporate executive and tiny house movement speaker, I was especially interested in Equity Solutions workshop that was offered at the Vermont Tiny House Festival. The facilitators of the workshop were professional, dynamic and engaging. The large group of attendees were inspired by their exercises and the safe and encouraging space they held for us to achieve collaborative and innovative solutions. I recommend them highly for any organization, event workshop planner/organizer or institution seeking knowledge of economic and social equity. Their expertise will bring your attendees the tools they require for best equitable practices.”


Maria Mercedes Avila, PHD, MSW, UVM Faculty

“Equity Solutions provided a thought-provoking session on poverty and class inequality that has led to numerous requests of training sessions in the state, including our own VT LEND program. Advancing knowledge on poverty and class inequality is essential in rural states like Vermont, and we cannot think of any other group most qualified to lead this work in the state than Equity Solutions.”


Dawn Littlepage, Clinical Director, Clara Martin Center

“Angela, Kendra, and Deb tailored the training to fit Clara Martin Center’s focus and helped get everyone engaged in the topics. They were well prepared, organized, and shared heartfelt experiences along with science, data, and hard facts in viewing the issues from an equity lens. They motivated the entire group of 140 employees to break into lively discussion groups and to come up with ideas for future planning and improvement. The points that they make will stay with you and will influence your views and attitudes.”

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Rachel Siegel, Executive Director, Peace & Justice Center

“Equity Solutions has the ability to bring fresh and relevant training that encourages us to step outside of boxes and connect with people in a meaningful way that can create true and positive change. Some of our staff and partners participated in an Equity Solutions training recently and were impressed. They appreciated the breadth and depth of the information and resources and even the follow up that was provided. It was clear that Equity Solutions has a grasp on the issues of economic exploitation and justice to a degree that we haven’t seen other groups utilize. Addressing economic inequality and inequity is imperative if we want our community to thrive – not just parts of the community but all of it. The work of Equity Solutions has never been more relevant nor as useful. I hope that if we reach a tipping point, we tilt peacefully toward justice. Equity Solutions will help us get there.”

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Participant, Health EQuity Conference

“Especially as a session at the end of the day at the end of the conference, really appreciate how the facilitators made this crucial topic come to life through various activities. Also as someone who has been a descendent of multigenerational trauma and poverty, I appreciated the care with which you helped hold the space. Also, we had some good discussions. The facilitators worked collaboratively and organically together. Also the emphasis on empathy! YES!”

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Martha Trombley-Oakes, Vermont Community Foundation

“I attended Equity Solutions' training "Poverty In an Unequal Economy," which felt very relevant to my work at the Vermont Community Foundation. The facilitators are able to weave data and storytelling together in a beautiful and impactful way. The training helps attendees look at their own biases and assumptions, which is necessary for positive change to happen.”

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Ann Braden, Participant in Cross Class Dialogue circles

“For me, the Cross Class Dialogue Circle laid out how much we all have in common, no matter how much money a person has. It laid out the ways the system we're in intentionally divides us, making it all the more important to be willing to be vulnerable so that we can connect at a human level. Because then we can act in solidarity to help people get what they need.”