Not everyone starts out in the same place. Some people were born into a home run situation and others have been sitting on the bench their whole lives. Equity is a concept that says - if we are going to have the fair, just and free society that we idealize, we need to put in place efforts for all people to have access to opportunity.

Our team is motivated by a belief that there is enough for everyone and that it is possible to create a society where all people are thriving. We believe that to get there it starts with each of us recognizing the implicit biases we bring with us into all of the interactions we have throughout the day. Once we have suspended bias we are better able to connect with the people in our communities and our workplaces. And once we connect and see the inherent value in each person we are able to come up with more accurate, trauma-informed, sustainable solutions.

Our team is working to change the paradigm that says some people are better than others because of how they look, the color of their skin, the amount of money in their bank account. We are working towards a society where we are all working together for fairness and justice and freedom - and where our policies and practices match our values.

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