A donation to Equity Solutions helps us reach more people, more organizations, more agencies to support them in bringing an equity lens to their work! Donations also help us create free open training opportunities for individuals who want to gain an understanding of equity but may not be associated with an organization! Your donation will help us be able to provide more trainings at a subsidized price for those who really need them - and will make sure that our cross-class team is compensated for their work in an equitable way! Donations also allow us to create new trainings, expand our work, and explore new innovative ways to build towards a world where everyone has what they need! In short, a donation to Equity Solutions is a way to support economic justice and equity!

Please address checks to Peace Development Fund and write Equity Solutions in the memo line. All checks should be sent to PDF office: 

PO Box 1280, Amherst, Massachusetts 01004-1280

Or donate online via Peace Development Fund's paypal site:

About Our Fiscal Sponsor

As a small organization without our own tax-exempt status, we partner with the Peace Development Fund (PDF), a federally recognized 501c3 nonprofit organization. Being a fiscally sponsored organization allows donors to donate to us through PDF, so that you can deduct the full amount of your gift from your taxes. PDF will provide each donor with a tax receipt.

PDF is a public foundation that has over 30 years of history in social justice philanthropy, having supported movements all over the world. Visit for more information.


About Our Move to be a worker Cooperative

At Equity Solutions we strive to walk our talk. Worker cooperatives are a way to ensure equitable distribution of profits, as well as reinvesting money back in the communities we serve. We are seeking funding from the Cooperative Development Institute to support us in this transition to a worker coop. To learn more about worker coops and why they are an equitable solution visit