We have trained and provided consulting services for many groups since early 2017. These are some of the organizations, schools, businesses and people we have worked with.


Vermont Wilderness School staff retreat - Vision, Mission & Values with a Decolonization Lens, February 2019, Brattleboro, VT.


Interrupting Bias and Microaggressions at SEVCA’s annual staff retreat, February 2019, Chester, VT.


Full-day Equity Solutions training for staff at ECHO Leahy Center for Lake Champlain, December 2018.


Consulting with Ann Braden, author of The Benefits of Being an Octopus, on equitable educator’s guide, engaging book talks, and flipgrid messaging. summer 2018.

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Full-Day Equity Solutions training with Vermont Community Foundation staff, August 2018


3-part training series with Kindle Farm School staff on class & gender bias, winter 2018

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Class at Greenwich Country Day School, workshops at annual Equity & Diversity Conference, Greenwich, CT, February 2018

Here is a great video about the conference - with a little piece about Equity Solutions’ role at around the 3 minute mark. Thanks to Chrissy Colón Bradt for putting together this amazing conference!


2-Day Training - “Poverty In an Unequal Economy,” Addison County, VT - Participants from various agencies and non-profits working in substance abuse prevention, organized by the United Way, March 2018.


Developing a “Community Engagement Plan” and training community partners how to use it, Mt. Ascutney Prevention Coalition and Promise Communities, spring 2018.

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Half-day training, “Poverty In an Unequal Economy,” Regional Prevention Partners (substance use prevention professionals from around the state of VT), November 2017.

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Peace & Justice Center, Burlington, VT, november 2017


Day-long Equity TRaining for 25 People involved in the tiny house movement, September 2017


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half-day Equity training for VT Lend staff and faculty, BurlingTon, VT, August 2017



Half-day equity training for 175 staff, Randolph, VT, August 2017

Conference Keynote at Annual restorative Justice Conference, June 2017