Our Vision

We work toward all people being compensated fairly and treated with dignity, and everyone having access to the food, shelter, and physical and mental health supports that allow families and communities to thrive. We work toward a future where people of all genders, races and ethnicities, abilities, income levels, and occupations have a voice in the decisions that affect their lives. And we work towards solutions in a way that is connected and compassionate.

our Mission

The mission of Equity Solutions is to provide engaging and innovative education for state agencies, social service organizations, schools, and businesses so participants gain tools for strong client, staff, and leadership/management relationships, for creating a work environment where all are valued and thriving, and for actively contributing to a collective response to root causes of poverty. By using an equity lens we move beyond “helping” to transform relationships among people living in poverty and the organizations meant to serve them. This model empowers all stakeholders to co-create short and long-term solutions that work.

still curious about what we mean by equity?
Let us explain.

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 10 Chairs activity - Restorative Justice Conference, June 2nd, 2017, Randolph, VT

10 Chairs activity - Restorative Justice Conference, June 2nd, 2017, Randolph, VT

Our Beliefs

  • Process is as important as outcome
  • People impacted have good solutions

  • Creative problem-solving vs 'one size fits all'

  • Strengths-based approach

  • Trauma-informed practice

  • Oppression exists and is a problem
  • Everyone has biases and assumptions

  • Economic and racial inequality are connected

  • Change is possible

  • An equity lens offers a powerful tool

Angela, Kendra, and Deb tailored the training to fit Clara Martin Center’s focus and helped get everyone engaged in the topics. They were well prepared, organized, and shared heart felt experiences along with science, data, and hard facts in viewing the issues from an equity lens. They motivated the entire group of 140 employees to break into lively discussion groups and to come up with ideas for future planning and improvement. The points that they make will stay with you and will influence your views and attitudes.
— Dawn Littlepage, Clinical Director, Clara Martin Center

What's in a Training?

We use a dynamic, creative, and innovative combination of storytelling, presentation, small group work, pair share, activities, group brainstorming, action planning, and relationship building. We bring both data driven solutions and a commitment to connection through story sharing.  

What We Offer

  • 1 hour presentations
  • 3.5 hour workshops
  • 1 and 2-day workshops
  • Consulting Services tailored to your needs
    • Equity Assessments
    • Developing Community Engagement Plans
    • Policy review
    • Coaching
    • Monitoring and Evaluation services
    • Strategic Planning services
    • Research

We are committed to working in a cross-class team and to providing livable wage for all trainers and consultants. We provide a dynamic and effective experience and are committed to excellence.

We are currently fiscally sponsored by the Peace Development Foundation and are in the process of becoming a worker cooperative. Donations of all sizes are welcome in this kick-off phase.

During the pilot phase our services are greatly discounted. Be in touch to set up a free 1 hour consultation or to schedule a training or consulting service.

Especially as a session at the end of the day at the end of the conference, really appreciate how the facilitators made this crucial topic come to life through various activities. Also as someone who has been a descendent of multigenerational trauma and poverty, I appreciated the care with which you helped hold the space. Also, we had some good discussions. The facilitators worked collaboratively and organically together. Also the emphasis on empathy!
— Participant, Health Equity Conference