Our partners are crucial in spreading the word:

  • sharing information about this project with their constituents

  • promoting our work through social media and targeted outreach

  • piloting the training and consulting program

  • introducing us to potential clients


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Equity Solutions has the ability to bring fresh and relevant training that encourages us to step outside of boxes and connect with people in a meaningful way that can create true and positive change. Some of our staff and partners participated in an Equity Solutions training recently and were impressed. They appreciated the breadth and depth of the information and resources and even the follow up that was provided. It was clear that Equity Solutions has a grasp on the issues of economic exploitation and justice to a degree that we haven’t seen other groups utilize. Addressing economic inequality and inequity is imperative if we want our community to thrive – not just parts of the community but all of it. The work of Equity Solutions has never been more relevant nor as useful. I hope that if we reach a tipping point, we tilt peacefully toward justice. Equity Solutions will help us get there.
— Rachel Siegel, Executive Director, Peace & Justice Center